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John Lennon & Paul McCartney

—Stand By Me III





Stand By Me - John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Recorded in 1974 during John’s “Lost Weekend”. This was the last time they ever recorded together.

im going to die

I just die, went to heaven, and came back.

i see life

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He looks like a kid that was just caught misbehaving by his parents.

He looks like a kid that was just caught misbehaving by his parents.


Scans - George Harrison’s gaze through the years

"What has become apparent in the decade since his death is the uncanny symmetry of George’s life - a life lived to the fullest. What might have seemed random or impulsive in him while he lived, is in retrospect a pattern; part performance, part pilgrimage. His saturation in the material world drove him to seek the spiritual in things - and so his life seems a series of vanishings and reappearances, journeys there and back, even the portraits of him that seem iconic are various, a progression of so many faces, his features, his hair, his posture - different in each one. Yet his gaze is unchanged, his eyes telling us that the same soul is inhabiting this body.” - From the introduction to Living in the Material World by Paul Theroux