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My dark sweet lady, your heart so close to mine. You shine so heavenly and I love you dearly…♥


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—You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Instrumental Cover)


I recorded myself doing an instrumental cover of You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away. Everything you hear is me playing. It’s triple track.

It’s not exactly the same because of copyright and all that fun legal stuff, and of course I wanted to add my own little taste to it. I obviously don’t have the best recording equipment. There’s a few mistakes in there that I’m aware of, but this is the first recording I’ve finished fully.

Let me know what you think since I’m really nervous about even uploading this. I’m not really sure what to put for the album art, so have a picture of John that I drew awhile back.

Yeah, so I finally worked up the courage to upload this. It’s not great I know, but it’s a step in the right direction for me.